SMART Partners with Gibson Gives

The Substance Misuse and Addiction Resource of Tennessee (SMART), a program of the University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service (IPS), has partnered with Gibson Gives–the charitable foundation for Gibson, the iconic and leading global instrument brand–to place ONEbox opioid emergency response kits in Knoxville music venues.

Since January, the Gibson Gives’ Training and Empowering Musicians to Prevent Overdose (TEMPO) Nashville Live Music Venue Program has been offering ONEbox kits to 72 live music venues in the Music City metro area. The ONEbox™ opioid emergency response kits contain two doses of the opioid reversal medication naloxone (as Kloxxado®), as well as personal protective equipment and video instructions that are activated when Onebox is opened.

“Our SMART staff is excited to be partnering with Gibson Gives to place overdose reversal instruction and medication in our local musical venues,” said SMART Executive Director Jennifer Tourville. “We feel fortunate that Gibson Gives has contributed the supplies to save lives in our community. In fact, we know that right after we distributed the kits to local venues, a life was saved at one of the sites.”

SMART, which became a part of the institute in early 2022, advises community leaders in implementing evidence-based, cost-effective strategies that mitigate damage from substance use disorder, and the opioid epidemic. Recently, they’ve worked closely with their sister agency, the County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS), to give counties guidance on using their opioid settlement funds.

“Gibson Gives and TEMPO are pleased to expand free access to life-saving naloxone for music venues and fans in Knoxville,” adds Dendy Jarrett, Executive Director of Gibson Gives. “Following Hikma’s $1 million dollar donation of naloxone (Kloxxado) to the TEMPO program, we partnered with the Tennessee Department of Health CDC Foundation Overdose Response Strategy in TN, and the Metro Nashville Police Department and created a program offering easy access for life-saving naloxone (Kloxxado®)to be available to the public inside 72+ live music venues via the ONEbox™, giving them the ability to reverse opioid overdoses and save lives.”

Gibson Gives’ TEMPO program is a partnership of 12 music-industry related non-profits across the U.S. including MusiCaresThe Scars FoundationThe Roadie ClinicSandgaard FoundationSims FoundationHarbor PathMusicians For Overdose PreventionLife By MusicPassenger RecoveryNational Harm Reduction, and Solace For Hope which provide life-saving training for using naloxone(Kloxxado®)–to prevent/reverse opioid overdoses–and offer a network for recovery from opioid addiction. 



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About SMART: Providing Leadership in Mitigating the Opioid Crisis in Tennessee:

The Substance Misuse and Addiction Resource for Tennessee (SMART) Initiative guides community leaders in implementing evidence-based, cost-effective strategies that mitigate damage from substance use disorder and the opioid epidemic.

Originating in 2020 as the SMART Policy Network, the SMART Initiative grew in scope as it was incorporated into the University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service in early 2022. In addition to examining and communicating data and policies related to substance use disorder, the SMART Initiative seeks to empower communities and local governments to combat the overdose epidemic.

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About Gibson Gives:

For over 130 years, the iconic and leading American instrument brand Gibson has been shaping sound across generations and genres. Gibson, and its charitable arm Gibson Gives believe in the power of music, and that getting instruments into the hands of those with a desire to make music is a life-changing event. Gibson Gives–a 501(c)(3) is committed to making the world a better place by supporting non-profit organizations and programs in their efforts to advance musicians, youth-focused education, music, health, and wellness initiatives. 100% of all donations to and from Gibson Gives go towards giving the gift of music. In the last three years, Gibson Gives has raised over $4.5 million dollars and enabled $46 million in funding for key organizations through product donations and meaningful giving worldwide. For more information, visit: