Inclusion and Engagement at IPS

IPS Diversity Committee


Our Mission

Acknowledging and honoring the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals, the Institute for Public Service is committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment.  Our definition of diversity goes beyond visible differences to affirm the unique realities, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of individuals, partners and employees. An inclusive and diverse workforce broadens our perspectives, fosters the exchange of new ideas, enhances problem-solving, and engages the breadth of Tennesseeā€™s talents. Diversity enriches and strengthens the work of the Institute and supports our mission of serving business and government to improve the lives of Tennesseans.

2023 IPS Inclusion & Engagement Alliance Members

Adela Bonta (NCEL)
Angie Carrier (MTAS)
Veronica Clark (CIS), Chair
Russell Harris (CIS)
Kim Henry (CTAS)
Elisha Hodge (MTAS)
Jeff Hundley (LEIC)
Richard Ponce de Leon Manosalva (TLC)
Kim Raia (CTAS)
Jenny Rish (TLC), Vice Chair

Non Members
Tomi Rogers, IPS Human Resources
Susan Robertson, IPS Administration
Dr. Herb Byrd III, IPS Vice President

Learn more about how and why we celebrate and encourage diversity at UT IPS. If you are interested in attending an alliance or community event, view our event calendar. The Inclusion and Engagement team also compiles a list of resources to share with all institute employees.

Inclusion and Engagment at UT

Our Commitment

At the Institute for Public Service, we value people, all dimensions of diversity, relationships, integrity and excellence. Specifically, institute staff continuously work together to ensure an environment where diverse viewpoints are welcome. Read the full scope of our values.

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