In Touch with Tennessee is a podcast of The University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service (IPS). IPS, through its six agencies, is the university’s source of outreach for public service entities and industries across Tennessee. The podcast will feature interviews with our agencies’ expert consultants and trainers about the impact they are making across the state or trends affecting our customers.

In Touch with Tennessee Podcast cover.

Episode 1: The Great Resignation with Tim Waldo of CIS

Episode 2: Mitigating Opioid Abuse with Jennifer Tourville, executive director of SMART

Episode 3: Successful Connections with Angie Carrier, municipal management and finance program manager, MTAS

Episode 4: Training for Tennessee’s Rural Law Enforcement Agencies with Donnie Ross, training specialist with LEIC

Episode 5: Preparing for the Growth of Communities Surrounding Blue Oval City with Chuck Downham and Ronnie Neill, municipal management consultants with MTAS.

Episode 6: Understanding the Public Records Act in Tennessee. MTAS Legal Consultant Elisha Hodge interviews Tennessee Open Records Counsel Maria Bush.