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Join UT Institute for Public Service (IPS) stakeholders in supporting or creating charitable giving opportunities that impact the people, places and programs across Tennessee. Your gifts directly allow IPS to support our agencies as we sustain, grow, and develop programs and services to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and communities. Contact Kristen Davis, IPS development director, at (865) 974-9609 or to support IPS today.

2024 Family Campaign IPS Priority Funds


IPS Employee Appreciation & Assistance 

Recognize and encourage the outstanding work of IPS employees. Live the public service mission by assisting eligible IPS employees experiencing financial hardship due to certain unforeseen and unpreventable circumstances with short-term emergency financial support. 

Public Service & Career Internships 

Give deserving students the gift of experiential learning and career development by supporting one of IPS’s internship funds. 

Scholarships, Continued Education & Leadership Development 

Support educational opportunities for students and IPS customers throughout all stages of their education, career and professional development. 

Special Projects & Innovation 

Invest in special projects and initiatives that support excellence and innovation across IPS, with a focus on improving government, industry and economic development, as well as improving organizational and individual capacity. 

  • Bingham Endowment: Herbert J. Bingham was the executive director of the Tennessee Municipal League for 36 years and was responsible for getting MTAS’ enabling legislation passed in 1949. Gifts to this fund provide support for visiting and special consultants and faculty with MTAS and at the annual TML conferences, with a focus on projects of special interest to the cities of Tennessee through MTAS. 
  • Industrial Fellowship Program Endowment: Gifts to this fund promote prosperity and opportunities for Tennessee businesses and industries by helping small businesses to be more competitive, create jobs and contribute to the strength of their communities. The fund supports UT students, faculty and CIS staff working with Tennessee businesses on projects that advance research and competitiveness within their industry. 
  • Kessel Consultant Endowment: Gifts to this fund support short-term, part-time, contract or intern employment opportunities at CTAS to better assist county governments. 
  • Mary & Jack Jinks Innovation and Excellence in Public Service Endowment: Established in 2015 in recognition of more than 33 years of service by Dr. Mary Jinks, retired IPS vice president, this endowment provides a lasting source of funding dedicated to fostering new and innovative programs and services across the institute. 
  • Next Generation Manufacturing Leaders Fund: Your gifts will introduce more students to career opportunities in manufacturing, fund faculty and student projects with Tennessee companies, and help smaller firms connect with student interns to solve real-life manufacturing problems, explore manufacturing careers, develop future leaders, and keep manufacturing in Tennessee. 
  • Phil Keith Law Enforcement Innovation Endowment: Gifts to this fund support relevant, innovative and demanding programs required for law enforcement professionals.

Agency Funds 

Gifts to agency funds most broadly impact all programs and services, IPS-wide or within a targeted IPS agency. 

IPS Planned Giving

To learn more about planned giving with the institute, visit the gift planning website.