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We serve business and government to improve the lives of Tennesseans. We envision Tennessee as a global leader with thriving business and industry, efficient and effective government, and vibrant communities. At the Institute for Public Service we value people, diversity, relationships, integrity, and excellence.


Center for Industrial
Services (CIS)
County Technical
Assistance Service (CTAS)
Law Enforcement
Innovation Center (LEIC)
Municipal Technical
Advisory Service (MTAS)
Naifeh Center for Effective
Leadership (NCEL)


LEIC to provide active-shooter training for Chattanooga churches

Copyright 2018 Chattanooga Times Free Press. All Rights Reserved. Despite the news of shootings nationwide, many church families don't consider themselves
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Don’t Just Attract Workers, Keep Them

It is one thing to attract great talent. It is another thing to keep it. Tennessee’s automotive manufacturers have experienced
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I Discovered One of the Best Kept Secrets in Tennessee

By Tim Waldo, workforce development specialist, CIS (This article originally appeared on Waldo's LinkedIn page) Lately, many people have been congratulating me
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LEIC Offering Crime Prevention Course for Businesses

The UT Law Enforcement Innovation Center is partnering with the Chattanooga Police Department to officer Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
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Howell: Hamilton Juvenile Court First to Have Digital Workflow

By Brett Howell, CTAS Providing a greater level of service with fewer resources has become the new norm for county officials
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An Inspired Workforce – The Bigger Picture

By Tim Waldo, CIS Workforce Development Specialist (This article was posted on Tim Waldo's LinkedIn page) Having uninspired workers in our manufacturing
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An Inspired Workforce – A Strategy for Small Manufacturers

By Tim Waldo, CIS Workforce Development Specialist (Originally posted on Tim Waldo's LinkedIn page) In rapidly changing workplace environments, a pressing challenge
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An Inspired Workforce – A Challenge for Small Manufacturers

(This is part two of a series by CIS Workforce Development Specialist Tim Waldo) At least half of American workers are
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