Work for IPS


Employees are the Institute for Public Service’s greatest asset and are critical to its ability to achieve success across the state. We are committed to recruiting and retaining the best and brightest staff.

Every day in Tennessee, nearly 200 IPS employees from Memphis to Johnson City are helping city and county governments, law enforcement personnel, and manufacturers and small business leaders serve their customers and clients better. We’re looking for motivated and hard-working team members dedicated to making Tennessee a better place to work and live.

As an employee of the institute and the University of Tennessee system, employees can enroll in benefits and insurance such as health, dental, retirement, life, disability, and many more. UT also:

  • Supports on-the-job training, professional development and continued education of its employees with a wide variety of opportunities. Employees also can pursue degrees at UT without having to pay tuition fees. Dependents and spouses of UT employees can attend undergraduate credit courses at a discounted rate of 50 percent off the tuition cost.
  • Offers employer 401(k) matching of up to $50 per month. Employees are given numerous options to save and are enrolled in one of two pension programs.
  • Offers salaried employees two vacation days a month, and hourly paid employees one day of vacation a month. Plus, UT offers numerous holidays and administrative closings throughout the year.
  • Partners with several national companies to allow UT employees to apply discounts toward cell phone plans, travel expenses, rental cars, and many more purchases.

Available positions are listed below. For more information, contact Tomi Rogers at

Training Specialist (Nashville)
Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership

Marketing Content Specialist
Center for Industrial Services

Economic Development Specialist
Center for Industrial Services

Economic Development Program Manager
Center for Industrial Services

Municipal Technical Advisory Service

Administrative Associate (Nashville)
Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership

Police Management Consultant
Municipal Technical Advisory Service

Training & Development Manager (internal to UT applicants only)
Municipal Technical Advisory Service

Library Associate (Part-time)
Municipal Technical Advisory Service

Emergency/Fire Management Consultant
County Technical Advisory Service

Utility Management Consultant
Municipal Technical Advisory Service

(LDA) Substance Use Consultant (Jackson), IPS

Legal Consultant (West Tennessee)
Municipal Technical Advisory Service

Environmental Management Consultant
County Technical Assistance Service

Administrative Coordinator
Municipal Technical Advisory Service

Management  Consultant (West Tennessee)
Municipal Technical Advisory Service

Legal Consultant (Nashville)
Municipal Technical Advisory Services

Public Service Internship Program

Several years ago the Institute for Public Service (IPS) at the University of Tennessee accepted the responsibility of developing a statewide public service internship program for graduate students interested in working with local governments. Since this time, we have placed more than 130 students in internships and have introduced these students to the importance of working with local governments in Tennessee.

The intern experience will provide these students with meaningful, and often inspiring, experiences that will help to develop the next generation of local government leaders. The intern program and the projects undertaken by these students also link local governments in Tennessee with the academic and research resources of the university.

Get more information about the Public Service Internship Program.