Public Service Internships


The Intern Experience

The intern experience helps introduce students to the opportunities and experiences available through industry and local governments in Tennessee, and introduces employers to outstanding students interested in critical careers. Many programs often require an internship experience, and the IPS Internship Program has helped students meet this requirement.

Interns through IPS are not limited to students at the University of Tennessee and typically are selected from colleges and universities to work in operations, research and policy support with a focus on projects. IPS provides consulting, training and research for industry, law enforcement, government leadership and local governments across the state.

Internships are available with IPS in two different areas of interest, including local government and industrial economic development. Each area has specific opportunities and expectations for successful student interns.

We are always looking for exceptional students, and encourage women and persons of color to apply.

Public Service Internships

This program is open to seniors and graduate students from a wide variety of disciplines, with a demonstrated interest in local government. Interns are placed primarily through the two IPS agencies that directly serve local governments in Tennessee – the County Technical Assistance Service and the Municipal Technical Advisory Service.  The focus of this program is to introduce graduate students to local governments in Tennessee, and we emphasize competitive placement through interviews and structured learning objectives.

Students are accepted from different cities and campuses and are assigned to offices near their home or campus for special projects and research. Internships are flexible but generally scheduled around a 20-hour workweek, with a stipend of $15 per hour, paid bi-weekly. The only benefits are a great experience.

Click HERE to view the latest IPS Public Service Internship Program announcement, and HERE to view the IPS Public Service Internship Program Guidelines.

Manufacturing and Economic Development Internships

The IPS Center for Industrial Services provides consulting and training services for firms and communities throughout Tennessee. These services include economic development, manufacturing excellence, health and safety, growth and innovation, energy and environmental management, and government procurement, and both undergraduate and graduate students interested in manufacturing processes and economic development are welcome to apply.

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