Strategic Planning


2023-2025 Strategic Plan graphic.

We’re on a mission to make IPS better. For our clients, stakeholders—and for all Tennesseans. From 2023-2025, our focus will be:
  • IPS funding will meet expanding customer needs by 2025.
  • IPS will deliver best-in-class customer-focused education and technical assistance.
  • IPS will develop a diverse and highly skilled workforce that embodies the values of integrity, accountability and professionalism.
  • IPS will communicate its impact, value and story.

Customers and employees participated in a focus group in August to discuss the progress of the plan and offer feedback on the services that IPS agencies provide. Read more about the feedback received from the focus groups or to see highlights from the groups.

Access our full 2023-2025 Strategic Plan, and check back for updates on goals and action items.

We’re Working Together for a Better IPS!

Strategic Plan connectivity charts showing the connections between the People, Programs, Financial Stability, and Marketing & Communications groups.