IPS Training Facilities

IPS Training Facilities

IPS has established a state-of-the-art training facility in Nashville at the same location as our Center for Industrial Services, 193 Polk Avenue.

The IPS Training Suite at Polk Center features two large meeting rooms that can be separated by air walls, three breakout rooms, a larger conference room, a multipurpose room and full-service kitchen. The Polk Avenue Center has ample free parking available.

View more detailed information, or contact Felicia Roberts at felicia.roberts@tennessee.edu or (615) 532-3328 with any questions.

The IPS Training Facilities in Nashville (shown above) can accommodate meetings/trainings anywhere from 5 people to 70 people in a single room or up to 140 people sharing the same information for content a larger group.

In our Cookeville location (shown below), up to 40 people can be accommodated very comfortably.

Please visit our Reservation Portal for Nashville and Cookeville reservation and accommodation specifics.

UT IPS Cookeville Training Facility
UT IPS Cookeville Training Facility.