Mission, Vision & Values

We serve business and government to improve the lives of Tennesseans.

We envision Tennessee as a global leader with thriving business and industry, efficient and effective government and vibrant communities.

Values Statement:
At the Institute for Public Service, we value people, diversity, relationships, integrity and excellence.


People: Our greatest asset and the focus of our services.

  • Expecting open and honest feedback within a safe and respectful environment.
  • Supporting every individual’s ability to take ownership and make creative decisions with the freedom to fail.
  • Supporting professional development.
  • Encouraging personal growth and a healthy life balance.

Diversity: Enriches and strengthens us, and the people and organizations we serve.

  • Pledging ourselves to maintain an environment that respects and reflects a diversity of cultures, experiences and ideas.
  • Valuing inclusion in organizations, programs and work.
  • Acknowledging and honoring the fundamental value and dignity of individuals.

Relationships: The foundation for superior service and positive influence.

  • Knowing partnerships are critical to our success.
  • Actively listening and speaking, seeking to understand.
  • Working from a perspective of knowing and supporting others as individuals.
  • Celebrating our successes and the successes of others.

Integrity: Protects, empowers and unites us.

  • Being transparent, honest and fair.
  • Doing what is right.
  • Upholding promises, commitments and confidences.
  • Accepting responsibility for our words and actions.

Excellence: Always striving for what ought to be.

  • Striving to provide high-quality, timely, accurate information with creative and proven solutions.
  • Taking measured risks to support unique solutions to problems.
  • Focusing on continuously improving our services and performance – always seeking to positively improve our reputation.
  • Paying attention to details while maintaining a complete perspective.
  • Meeting current issues and future trends to inspire innovation.