Inspire, Empower, Communicate. Transform.

By Kelley McNeal, CTAS As you know, there are many leadership styles. In your careers, you have probably experienced several different ones. I have always been drawn to inspirational motivation; therefore, transformational leadership resonates with me. I feel that most of us in the public sector are already looking to

Why Do We Call the Exercise of Leadership Art?

By Dr. Herb Byrd III  One of these days I aspire to learn to paint. To really take some image I have in my head, to apply colors and blends and hues and textures to a canvas, and to be able to recognize it as a close approximation. I admire

Jefferson County Recognized for Opioid Settlement Planning Process

Jefferson County announced it is receiving of one of the inaugural awards for Excellence in the Application of the Opioid Litigation Principles. The Opioid Litigation Principles were developed by a coalition of organizations from across the spectrum of the substance use field and by faculty and staff from the Johns

Focus on the Facts of a Situation

By Rhiannon Jones, LEIC I am a self-proclaimed overthinker; if there’s a way to ruminate on something, I’m going to do it. Recently, for Leadership Academy, I started reading “Reality-Based Leadership” by Cy Wakeman. I have been pleasantly surprised by this book and even a few chapters in, have found

Leadership Lessons

Leading Up By Jon Walden, CTAS In today’s fast-moving work world, being a good leader means more than just leading a team. It’s also important to know how to work effectively with your bosses to achieve success for your organization. This is called leading up and involves skills like communicating

Leadership Lessons

Can We Make Civility a Norm? By Dr. Herb Byrd III Coming home from the UT Board of Trustees meeting, I listened to an interview of the current governor of Utah, Spencer Cox. One reason for the interview was that he and his opponent in the election pledged to run

Unless We Use Respect, It’s Wasted

Innovation, Honesty, Engagement, Accountability, & Respect – I HEAR By Lynn Reed, CIS Our global population was estimated to have reached eight billion people as of November 15th, 2022, and grew by another eighty-three million in 2023. The people of our world speak many different languages (seven thousand in all

Extreme Ownership and BE ONE UT

By Kelley McNeal, CTAS Jocko Willink and Leif Babin draw powerful leadership principles from their experiences as U.S. Navy SEALs in “Extreme Ownership.”  Each chapter describes a leadership lesson learned during their combat or training experience. The chapter explains the leadership principle and the principle’s application to business. As I

One Foot in Front of the Other

By Eric Spencer, MTAS I’m an outdoors guy and an avid backpacker.  I love spending time on the trail.  As spring approaches, my wife and I are already planning which backpacking trips we are going to tackle this year.  As we are considering parks to visit and routes to take,