TLC Offers Video Interpreting to Clients

Video remote interpreting, or VRI, is becoming increasingly popular due to its multiple benefits. VRI allows the interpreter to interact with participants via a secure web-based platform on any device or computer. The Tennessee Language Center (TLC) offers this service to its clients, along with traditional in-person interpreting and over-the-phone interpreting.

One of TLC’s clients that has utilized VRI often is The Family Center in Nashville. The Family Center provides parenting programs, coaching, and support groups to help break cycles of trauma in families. They use TLC interpreters in person during their programs scheduled during the day, but it can be challenging to find interpreters for the evening programs.

Having access to VRI “allows us to open evening classes up to everybody,” explains The Family Center Coach Katelyn Goodall. “They don’t have to take off work to come to group.”

More clients are exploring using VRI due to its many benefits, including:

  • It can be more cost-effective because there are no travel expenses for the interpreter.
  • It can be used immediately, anytime, anywhere, even on short notice if needed.
  • It can be great for finding an interpreter of a language not frequently spoken in the area.

In addition to helping with the evening schedule, The Family Center has utilized the VRI option over just telephonic interpreting because there is more interaction possible. With video, you can see face-to-face, which can help facilitate communication.

VRI also allows for simultaneous interpreting, which is interpretation as the speaker is speaking. Goodall has noticed this increases the parents’ participation in answering questions and group discussions. “We couldn’t do what we do without TLC,” she says.

TLC works closely with each of its clients to select the interpreter or interpreting technology that is most appropriate to meet the client’s needs. VRI’s many benefits can make it an indispensable tool.