Zoom Meetings – Customer Tips

Tips for Interacting with Customers via Zoom

Tip # 1:  Be mindful of clutter or other things to avoid being seen or heard from your screen.  (You can demo prior to your meeting what your customers will see in advance.  Be cognizant of what first appearance you want to display as a professional, public servant.  Always attempt to have your meeting in an environment with minimal background noise and distractions.) If you are using video in zoom – you can change the background – next to the video on the bottom menu bar is an up arrow and it allows you to choose a virtual background – they give a few free ones but pretty much any picture you have can be loaded – if you don’t like the way your office looks or if you think another entity might come behind you and introduce itself to your live meeting / training.

Tip # 2:  Make sure all equipment and systems are working properly.  (Be sure that you and your customer have the required bandwidth necessary for your planned meeting.  Ensure that all parties have the necessary of audio and video equipment needed to operate as well as Zoom downloaded properly on their preferred device.)

Tip # 3:  Offer more time for customers to respond.  Please provide additional time for your customer to both receive and process your message as well as time to respond when asking if they have questions or need additional information.)

Tip # 4:  Be relaxed but professional.  (For many customers using Zoom for the first time can be both intimidating and a challenge to focus.  Please ensure that your demeanor is comfortable and assuring to them that you are interested in engaging them with the topic at hand.)

Tip # 5:  After the Zoom meeting, follow-up with an email thanking them for meeting with you and providing any highlights or items you have committed to send them.