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Teaching Online: Synchronous Classes eLearning Resource Available in K@TE

Title: Teaching Online: Synchronous Classes
Duration: 1 hour 12 minutes
Description: Explore tools, tips, and techniques for leading real-time virtual training. No matter what teaching tool you use, from Adobe Connect to Blackboard to Google Hangouts, you can apply these lessons to your own digital classroom to increase collaboration and connection with students. Corbin and Kat Anderson cover the elements of creating virtual synchronous training, including selecting the right tools, implementing instructional strategies, and managing learner interactions and engagement. Find out how to apply the flipped classroom model to online teaching and get tips for engaging learners and assessing learning. These lessons are a great resource for anyone who conducts real-time training on the web, including instructional designers and presenters.

Title: Time Management: Working from Home (LinkedIn Learning)
Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes
Description: Working from home is a wonderful opportunity, but time management can be a challenge. With so many demands on your time and attention, it’s a tricky balancing act to stay productive. In this course, bestselling author and productivity expert Dave Crenshaw offers best practices for anyone who works full-time or occasionally from home. Dave begins by showing how to set up a dedicated workspace for maximum productivity, including tips on setting up your computer to ensure you stay focused. Then Dave walks through how to craft your daily schedule for peak productivity and plan meaningful breaks to avoid burnout. He explains how to collaborate with remote coworkers, including how to use virtual meetings productively. Finally, Dave offers advice for working parents and other caregivers who might be balancing professional and personal responsibilities in the home.

Title: Working Remotely (LinkedIn Learning)
Duration: 1 hour
Description: When you unlock the power of remote work, you can ditch your commute, work where you focus best, and spend more time doing things you love, all while advancing your career. Coach Mike Gutman from FlexJobs shows how to use today’s cloud-based communication and collaboration tools to get work done from anywhere, while remaining connected to your organization. He reveals how you can create a productive work environment at home or around town by structuring your day correctly and avoiding distractions. He also explains how to build rapport with remote colleagues so you feel like you’re part of the team and succeed in your remote career. Watch this course to learn how to work productively, when and where you want, and achieve the freedom and flexibility you need for a more balanced life.

Title: Contributing as a Virtual Team Member (Skillsoft)
Duration: 18 minutes
Description: Companies often opt to create virtual teams in place of on-site teams. This allows employees to work from home or remote locations. However, if not managed appropriately, remote working may cause breakdowns in communication, collaboration, and teamwork. In this course, you’ll learn how to develop the skills you need to show team leadership and be an effective member of a virtual team. You’ll explore personal traits that are useful when working on a team remotely. You’ll also learn strategies to stay connected with other team members, and ways to manage your time and overcome the challenges associated with managing teams remotely.

How to access:

  1. Log into K@TE .
  2. Type the name of the course into the search bar in the top right-hand corner. Hit “enter”.
  3. Click on the desired course.
  4. Click “Launch”.