Zoom Getting Started

Getting Started with Zoom

The following information will help you prepare for using the online classroom application. Select the links below to explore Zoom’s tools and features, and to learn more about creating online lectures with Zoom.

  • Visit the Zoom tutorials page for quick, one-minute demonstrations of some tools and features. Contact us for details about the meeting environment and our license.


  1. Be sure to activate your LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) account on our Zoom page. Click the icon to Create or Edit Account, and log in with your NetID and password. A Zoom Basic account will be provisioned for you.
  2. If you are an instructor, do you need a Zoom Pro level account? All new accounts will start at the Zoom Basic account level.  If you need a Zoom Pro level account, contact us at 865-974-9900 or contact the OIT HelpDesk online.  Details about the Zoom Basic and Zoom Pro accounts are listed below.

Zoom Basic Accounts – users may host unlimited meetings of 40 minutes in duration with up to 300 participants.

Zoom Pro Accounts – users may host unlimited meetings with unlimited duration  with up to 300 participants.


You may choose to use the web interface by logging into our Zoom page (select “Create or Edit Account” to login), or, use the Zoom desktop application to schedule and lead meetings. To setup the desktop application, please follow the steps below.

  • Download and install the Zoom application (A download link is available on our Zoom page).
  • Click the Zoom icon on the desktop
  • Select Sign In
  • Select Sign In with SSO (PC) or Login with SSO (Mac)
  • Enter the word tennessee (lower case) to complete the domain name of tennessee.zoom.us. (The zoom.us part of the domain may be provided for you on the screen.)
  • Select Continue
  • Log in with your NetID and password and follow the prompts on the screen to launch Zoom


The Quick Start Guides listed below describe the LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) online meeting environment from the instructor’s (leader’s) point of view.


The guides below will help instructors and meeting leaders with exploring the tools of features of the online classroom, including navigating the toolbar and creating and deploying Breakout Rooms.

If you are a co-instructor or need to schedule meetings on behalf of another user, please explore the LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) Guide to Alternative Host and Schedule Privilege.

Sharing Files or Folders in OneDrive for Business

The University of Tennessee – Knoxville Office of Information Technology has some instructions in their KnowledgeBase on the sharing of files using OneDrive for Business. Covered in the instructions are steps for sharing files with people outside of our organization. Of particular interest related to Zoom, is the ability to acquire a link that can be shared in the chat feature of Zoom.

Here is a link to a video explaining how to share files and folders using OneDrive for Business.

Next Steps: Publishing Your Zoom Meeting Recording

If the Zoom meeting is recorded, the recording will save by default to the local computer, and the recording will save as a MP4. Additional recording file versions may be included in the recording package automatically, and these versions include a MP3 file and a .txt file of the online chat. The meeting leader can upload the MP4 version of the recording to any number of media streaming or sharing locations, including YouTube, Google Drive, and an Office 365 Video Channel. Click Here for more information on recording and publishing your recorded Zoom meetings.

For more information on the options for saving and sharing Zoom recordings, please contact the contact the OIT HelpDesk online at 865-974-9900.

Additional Resources for IPS Consultants, Trainers, and Other Employees Working Remotely

As an additional resource available through K@te, LinkedIn Learning offers a 45-minute training video that will help you to sharpen your Zoom skills. You will receive one hour of HR128 credit for completing the training. Simply log into K@te with your Net ID and password then search for “Learning Zoom” and launch the class.

Additional LinkedIn and Skillsoft courses offered through K@te can enhance Zoom and working from home skills, and can be viewed here. You will receive HR128 credit for any of the courses taken through K@te.

A comprehensive guide to Educating Through Zoom can be found here.
Some additional tips on running your Zoom meeting can be found here.
Tips for interacting with Customers via Zoom can be found here.
Tips and Tricks for Zoom Meetings can be found here.

Got SmartPhone?

Here is a quick “how to” video for installing and using the Zoom app on your smart phone.

IMPORTANT: In all likelihood you will want to get a Zoom Pro account if you foresee your meetings lasting longer than 45 minutes or if you will have more than five attendees in your meeting. You can get a Zoom Pro account by calling the UTK OIT help desk at 865-974-9900.