IPS Development Update

Development and IPS – Gifts and Direction
The staff and families of the Institute for Public Service have maintained and expanded the culture of giving, with a successful staff campaign and a successful Campus Chest campaign.

2019 Family Campaign
The Family Campaign is the in-house fundraiser to support endowments, services and staff of the university. The following provides us with a good summary of our campaign performance:

2019 Family Campaign

AgencyTotal StaffStaff DonorsNon-Staff DonorsTotal ContributorsTotal Non-ContributorsStaff Participation RateAmount Pledged
IPS Admin.1110111191%$4,312
IPS staff gave to a total of 32 different funds and accounts. The gifts and endowments attracting the greatest number of donations included the following:

# Donations       Allocation Name
44                        IPS Employee Assistance Gift Fund
17                        Muscatello, Rodgers Intern Endowment
17                        Naifeh Center Effective Leader Gift Fund
16                        IPS-Gift Fund
15                        Mary & Jack Jinks Endowed School
14                        CTAS Special Support Fund
13                        TLC Gift Fund
10                        MTAS Gift Fund

2019 Campus Chest Campaign
The Campus Chest supports community charities to the benefit of our families, neighbors and communities. This year we improved on participation and improved the support of IPS staff to community needs.

Throughout the campaign, the IPS staff and volunteers continued to be generous and engaged, and our participation rate reached an all-time high of 93 percent with 149 donors. By  the end of the campaign, IPS had exceeded the financial goal at 108 percent or $34,625 in contributions.

On behalf of all of us that work with both the Family Campaign and with the Campus Chest, thank you to the donors and the work of the volunteers and agencies again this year.

IPS culture of giving is getting stronger
A breakdown of donations in the family and Campus Chest campaigns