Strategic Planning

The Institute for Public Service is developing a new strategic plan.  The development team will meet in September and November to discuss all of the data collected from the statewide listening sessions.

Couldn't Make it to a Listening Session?

If you couldn't attend one of the strategic planning listening sessions or you have additional comments, please use the links below to submit feedback to the three main questions. 

What is your ideal vision for the future in these areas?

What External Forces are affecting IPS in these areas?

What is Working Well/Not Well at IPS?


General Planning Documents

Retreat notes from April 25-26

Core questions from retreat


Planning Teams

Listeners and facilitators

Mission and values team

Peers and competitors team

Reports and presentations team

VIP identification team


The planning process began in late April and will wrap up in the fall of 2016. 

Strategic Plan Steering Committee

Adam Foote                       Scott Gordy                        Don Green                          Paul Jennings                    

Martha Kelley                    Jeff Lindsey                        Libby McCroskey              Judie Martin                      

Emily Miller                        Stefani Mundy                  Keith Ridley                        Robin Roberts                  

Susan Robertson              Marty Spears                     Lisa Shipley                         Chris Shults                        

Jim Thomas                        Steve Thompson              Gail White                           Rick Whitehead

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