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Institute for Public Service

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The statewide UT Institute for Public Service (IPS) provides university expertise for communities and workplaces by consulting daily with government, law enforcement and industry leaders. In fiscal year 2016, IPS services contributed more than $1.2 billion  to Tennessee's economy as local governments and industries increased revenue, won contracts or reduced operating costs. For nearly 60 years, IPS agencies have led the university's outreach efforts, extending the university to all communities in the state. So please take a moment to learn more about what we do. We might be helping your community right now.

The Institute for Public Service (IPS)

IPS plays a key role in the public service component of the University of Tennessee by assisting city and county governments in Tennessee and by training law enforcement personnel on a local, regional and national level. With offices in every region of the state, IPS also helps Tennessee manufacturers reduce costs and increase revenue.


A nationally recognized, university-based system of experts bringing creative, trusted, and valued solutions to government and business throughout Tennessee and beyond.


Connecting people and solutions to improve efficiency and performance of government and businesses and increase the prosperity and competitiveness of Tennessee.


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